Jeanette Dale

Jeanette Dale is the founder of Voice of Living Waters, a Prophetic Revelator passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God advancing on the earth.
Jeanette co-labors with the Lord to bring revelation from heavenly places to earth. She loves the body of Christ, believing every child of God has a wonderful destiny on the earth, not only personally, but corporately and nationally.
Jeanette carries a prophetic breaker anointing and is a sought after life coach and speaker.  She teaches people to align their lives with the Kingdom of God and is networking with ministries across the globe .
She is an Australian who currently is traveling between Australia and New Zealand. She is both a mother and a grandmother.


Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams is in charge of overseeing the media and website design elements for VOLW. Stacey’s background is in the creative arts, finance industry and administrative fields for over 20 years.
Stacey’s focus remains on non-profit organizations, women’s organizations and continuing to work in ministry beside her husband, Franz Abrams. 
Stacey’s creative eye has also gained her the opportunity to work in creative areas, including writing, travel photography, fine art and illustrative book art.
Stacey also traveled to South Africa, Mozambique and Israel with her husband, Franz Abrams, and ministry remains the center of her life and purpose.


Franz Abrams

Ordained as a Prophet with an Apostolic mandate, Franz Abrams has traveled extensively coast to coast in the United States and internationally to countries such as Africa and Israel. Franz is driven by purpose and a God-filled mission to reach out in love and compassion while preaching the word of God to all living beings, in all parts of the world.
Not limited by barriers, denominations or religion, Franz continues to walk in faith where God leads, breaking denominational barriers and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever his foot treads, acting only in love & with compassion, never judgment, with a purpose of reaching out to those in need in all parts of the world.
Franz currently resides with his wife, Stacey Abrams, in Boston, Massachusetts, where they work side by side in ministry.


David & Christine Griffiths

David Griffiths lives in New Zealand and operates in the prophetic through singing, preaching, teaching and words of knowledge. He has a strong biblical based focus with a sensitivity to Holy Spirit’s leading.
Christine Griffiths is a passionate lover of the Lord and loves to see people released into their destiny in Christ through the prophetic word.  Christine is married to David and operates in the Seer realm to bring prophetic revelation.
David and Christine have run prophetic schools in Hamilton, New Zealand and led prophetic/prayer teams in churches they have been part of.  Their outreach to the nations has included ministry in England, Kenya, China and Inner Mongolia.  They have an ongoing desire to see the world captivated by the reality of Christ in us, the hope of glory.

Pamela Sieber

Pamela Sieber loves the Lord and has been an awesomely faithful servant ever since being saved at a young age.  Spoken to by the Holy Spirit in 2015 after the passing of her mom, she has been a relentless pursuer of all things pertinent to the Kingdom of God. 
Her heartfelt desire is to share with others what the Lord has revealed to her in regards to whomever it relates to. 
Pamela enjoyed her time in her church choir and loves to sing and worship the Lord wherever and whenever the unction to do so releases itself. 
Pamela lives in the Southern United States with her husband Frank and their two adorable fur babies.

Ron and Anne Cox

Ron and Anne have a wealth of spiritual and natural life experience. Being born again for many years, Ron and Anne have brought up 4 children who are all lovers of Yeshua and have been blessed with grandchildren. Their children are all married and serving the Lord, a true reflection of their parent’s dedication to walking in God’s ways. 
Ron and Anne have served in the Kingdom of God  in many areas, including Worship, Associate Pastors, Revelational Giftings, and Evangelism. They are conduits of faith, stepping out in obedience to be His hands, His heart, His mouth no matter what the costs. Ron and Anne know what it is to stand on the promises of God and pray situations through until the breakthrough comes.